• England

    My original home. This is the landscape, both natural and man-made, that is rooted deep in my imagination and memories and dreams. The goal here is to perhaps capture that old familiar feeling of being here, but also see it with a new perspective of one who no longer lives here.

  • Hamptons

    Island light, a gentle landscape of dunes, potato fields, pine barrens and clapboard houses and shingled cottages (and more than the occasional mansion), the powerful crashing Atlantic surf, and some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the country. For all its popularity, the journey to the end of Long Island still rewards you with …

  • New York

    My new home for the last 22 years. So widely documented and photographed, the challenge remains to photograph it in a unique personal way, possible because no two people see the world in exactly the same way.

  • France

    The light and scenery in the South of France is legendary, and attracted (and drove mad) so many great artists over the centuries. The color, light and warm scented air of Provence and the Cote d’Azur is almost better captured in paintings, but maybe a camera can still capture the ancient mystery of the place, …

All photographs copyright © 2012 Chris Putnam